Wedding Photography:

  • I shoot most weddings with an assistant or second photographer (usually Dawn Frary, of Dewey Street Photo Company).  The decision to use one, is made at my discretion, and will be reflected in the price of your customized package.
  • Consultations for your custom package are, of course, free.   A quick consultation will allow me to accurately quote you a price for the coverage of your wedding.  They may be done over the phone, through email, or if distance allows, in person…whichever you prefer!


Wedding Photography Pricing:

Customized packages begin at $750.  Please contact me for a free consultation and quote!

Locations more than a 1 1/2 hour radius from LaSalle, IL will incur a travel fee.

A 25% deposit is due at the time of booking, in order to reserve your date, with the balance due on your wedding day.


Please contact me for more information.

And thank you for considering me for your portrait and wedding needs!!

{Tara Melissa}


How to get the most out of your wedding photographs + good stuff to know

  • First and foremost, TRUST ME.  I know what I’m doing.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS.
  • I am always open to suggestions.  I am not however, open to others jumping in and taking over the shoot.  I ask that non-photographer intervention (not counting the bride and groom, of course) be limited, or ideally, nonexistent.
  • I understand that you want photos with your family.  However, I will need adequate time (ideal: 1 hour, minimum: 30 minutes) to create beautiful and creative portraits of you and your sweetheart.  This intimate time when we steal away, is when most of my favorite images are created.  I highly recommend limiting formal family photos to immediate family only.  Photos with Uncle Joe and Aunt Sally can be done at the reception.
  • Be natural.  I want to capture YOU, not a caricature of you.  I’m fun and friendly (promise!) and there is absolutely no reason to be nervous!
  • Think of our relationship like this: I don’t work FOR you.  I work WITH you.  Collaboration is always fun!
  • Please feed your photographer!  Perhaps offer coffee!  And maybe a cocktail at the end of the night!  And hugs!
  • It’s your wedding day, and you’re bound to be all smiles. But after a while, all that smiling can take its toll on your face, causing smiles to look strained. So don’t worry about smiling for every picture. Some of the most fantastic shots are the moments in which a couple just relaxes and doesn’t cheese for the camera.
  • PLEASE make me aware of the lighting situations at both the ceremony and reception, if possible. This allows me to bring the proper equipment, ready myself for tricky lighting, and it will take less time for me to get in my groove if I know ahead of time what I’ll be dealing with.
  • As an experienced wedding photographer, I know what shots to get, important details to document, and how to make beautiful artistic images. That said, I also appreciate a reasonable list of must-have photos.
  • I highly recommend booking an engagement session with me as well! Not only is this a special time for you and your sweetheart, but it is also vital to establishing a rapport and connection with your photographer. When your wedding day arrives, you will feel that much more comfortable standing in front of the camera after you’ve already spent a session with me and know how I work.  Bonus…free engagement sessions are offered when you spend a certain amount on your custom wedding photography package!
  • When considering hiring a wedding photographer, think about the fact that he or she will be interacting with you all day. When you meet with him or her, consider whether this person will be a good fit for you and your family. A great wedding photographer should not only be focused, but also friendly and able to interact well with you and your friends and family. And so I say, in perhaps a less than modest way, “I’m your girl!”
  • When you hire me, I will be the one working with you, and shooting your wedding. I won’t be bringing in any part-time or amateur photographers, so the work you’ve seen from me, is the same quality of work you will get when you hire me.  When I do bring a second shooter, you can be assured that they are competent photographers, with professional demeanor.
  • As a wedding photographer, the dress code is a fine line I have to walk. Because I am walking here and there, getting up and down for different angles, etc…Imust dress comfortably. But I also aim to blend in with your wedding’s style and try not to clash with your colors. Letting me know ahead of time what style and type of dress code your wedding has, allows me to be more prepared to dress appropriately and comfortably.  ALSO – I do have tattoos.  They can be covered.  Please let me know if you prefer that I do this ahead of time.
  • I know this is a sticky situation, but consider asking your guests not to use flash photography during your ceremony (this can be done tactfully by having a statement included in your program, for instance). Flashes from other cameras can ruin otherwise “picture perfect” moments that I, your hired wedding photographer, tried to capture. Let them know that they are more than welcome to snap away during the reception.

Relax.  Breathe.  And enjoy your wedding day.  Know that I am here FOR YOU!


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