It’s Moving Day!

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Little Beauties: Soft-Cover Books

I have to show off a new product (featuring Baby Allison!).

These soft-cover books are beautifully designed, featuring a client’s favorite images.  Saddle-stitched and stapled, with lovely linen textured paper, and image-wrapped covers.

Offered in 5.5×5.5 and 8.5×8.5 sizes, they make perfect little “brag books”, and are stylish, budget-friendly alternatives to more traditional albums.  Wonderful for grandparents, high school seniors, or as parent gifts for your wedding!


A Golden Hour Engagement Session

I typically wait at least a few days before posting blog previews of sessions, simply because I don’t have the time.  But as soon as I was finished with this engagement session Sunday evening, I knew I’d be putting in some … Continue reading

A Memorable Memorial Day Wedding

  This past Memorial day, it was my pleasure to photograph the reception of Libby and Clinton.  It was an affair, equal parts rollicking and elegant, at the local Grand Bear Lodge ballroom.  The bride blew all notions of the traditional … Continue reading



In what we love.  In what we hate.

In life.  In art.

Content to be swallowed.

Waking up to our own consumption.

More afraid of letting go than of being overcome.

Adventures in Freelensing

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a photography technique I’d never heard of.  “Freelensing”

Basically, you take the lens off of your camera, and shoot with it held directly in front of it.  Sounds a little crazy, right?  Maybe so, but also crazy fun, and a great technique if you’re feeling the need to shake things up and get inspired in a new way.

Here’s the how-to, a few tips, and some of my fav freelensing photos I’ve shot recently!

First step is to choose your lens…I’ve found I prefer to use my zoom lens (55-200mm) over a fixed lens.  Much higher success rate.  Then set your exposure…with your lens STILL ON.  Since your lens will be detached, auto-exposure won’t work.  Set your focus ring to infinity, and you’re ready to remove your lens, and start shooting.  Hold it directly in front of your camera, and move it slightly in different angles.

Freelensing creates tilt-shift effects, allows for super macros (since the aperture is 0), and makes for some gorgeous light leaks.

One caveat, if you do this for prolonged periods of time, or you’re moving your lens about quite a bit, the likelihood of getting dust in your sensor greatly increases.  If that gives you the heebie-jeebies, I’d avoid it, and try something like a Lensbaby.  For the record, since I’ve found myself loving this so much, I do see a Lensbaby in my future, as I don’t fancy needing my sensor cleaned *that* often.  However, it is a handy technique for those times when you’re shooting, and have a sudden desire for the effect, but don’t wish to fiddle with something like a Lensbaby.

Give it a whirl!  And here are a few of my favorite freelensing photos.