A Golden Hour Engagement Session

I typically wait at least a few days before posting blog previews of sessions, simply because I don’t have the time.  But as soon as I was finished with this engagement session Sunday evening, I knew I’d be putting in some serious hours to get their preview up ASAP.  I simply fell head over heels for everything about this session.

When discussing with the bride-to-be what she and her fiance would like for their engagement session, she mentioned a covered bridge, and it took off from there.  I found a slightly more modern one nearby that we both loved, and we decided to head there during the oh-so-precious golden hour (otherwise known as the magic hour).  In a car packed full with a vintage bike, a basket of roses, one of my favorite chairs, and a playlist to accompany (naturally!), we arrived at the Captain Swift bridge, and it was everything we hoped for.

Not only was I graced with delicious light and beautiful scenery, but Natalie and Steve are a gorgeous couple who obviously adore each other, and were open to every suggestion I had.  What more could a photographer ask for?

Our session was sprinkled with laughter, intimate moments…and rose petals!  I wanted a romantic, carefree, blissful, feel in Natalie and Steve’s photographs, with sweet, fresh colors in processing, and I think we achieved exactly that.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful prelude to their nuptials in a few months.  I can’t wait to see what magic we create on their wedding day!


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